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I Need U 4 Math!

Hi, I know you want to excel in mathematics. I also know you are interested in becoming a master in mathematics. Join me and I will show you how to excel in the subject and make it one of your favorite!

Done right, Mathematics is the easiest and most enjoyable subjects in all sciences. I will help you on your journey to mastering mathematics concepts and make you a darling to your fellow students. My site will help show you how to excel in mathematics.

Math games. Gain speed and mental arithmetic

Games - how fast are you?

Speed and mental arithmetic

Test how fast you are at addition, multiplication and add your name in the top 10, if you can get a good enough score. Games are more than fun, they will help you gain speed, security and proficiency in mental arithmetic’s, so everyday math will become easy.

Online math assignments.

Arithmetic and algebra mathematics skills

Here you will find high quality math assignments. The assignments will be done online and will be marked instantly. You will be awarded with stars, so you can easily get an overview of your progress. Your results will be saved in your own portfolio, making it easy for you, to follow your progress on the road to becoming a master in maths.
Online math assignments. Arithmetic and algebra mathematics skills

Riddles. Finding patterns, using logical skills and brain teasers

Riddles - can you figure it out?

Think math with brain teasers

By solving riddles, you're not only having fun, but you also learn math solving skills as well as finding patterns using logical skills and solve challenging math problems in an unpredictable context. Here you are not only learning math skills, but you learn to think math.

Portfolio - follow your progress.

Evaluation and progress

Besides following your own progress, you have an option of giving your math teacher access to your portfolio. This is important, as a teacher can play a great role in helping you achieve the goals and objectives, you have set for yourself.
Portfolio. Evaluation and progress

Want to get started? It is simple! Just sign in using your Google, Microsoft Live or Facebook account and you will be on your way to becoming a genius in Mathematics!

The most important thing is that joining this site is 100% FREE!!

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